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Congratulations to Ms LeBlanc of Soquel Elementary School.  She is KWAV's April Teacher of the Month sponsored by Granitrock.

Here's what a colleague said about Ms LeBlanc as she nominated her:

Ms. LaBlanc works tirelessly for her class. She always has such kindness and compassion for each student. Her class adore her. MariaIsabel buys snacks for kids to have every day for those children who don't get the opportunity to have breakfast and has been known to supply lunch too. MariaIsabel wants her students to have every advantage to learning and knows they can't do that on an empty stomach. MariaIsabel strives to ensure that her non-English speaking Spanish students as well as the special ed kids in her class have her attention and makes sure they have the abilities to access the curriculum as well as the other 25+ in the class. MariaIsabel makes parents feel welcome in the classroom and encourages them to be a part of their child's education. This teacher shows up every day with a smile on her face and much love for her job and her students in her heart! 

Congratulations to our March Teacher of the Month, Judy Woods from Lakeview Middle School.  On Wednesday she was presented with our first Teacher of the Month award, sponsored by Graniterock.  Woods is pictured here with Rose Ann Wolpert of Granitrock and KWAV Morning Show host Barry Brown.  

Woods teaches 8th grade at Lakeview Middle School and was nominiated by her sister, Katie with this heart-felt entry:

 Like every other teacher, Judy Woods is a hard worker. But to say that she is an over-achiever is an understatement. When I say an over-achiever about a teacher is probably one of the greatest gifts a parent could ask for. Ms Woods students have excellent test scores and really enjoy her work. She was a department lead until just recently. Every year she is signed up to take the kids on their yearly Washington DC trip. She runs the leadership program where she takes the students on field trips and treats to reward their successes. Being a bi-lingual teacher, Ms Woods also visits the homes of the students when necessary to reach the parents. She flags each student if they are falling behind or having difficulties in their classes. She has a really strong policy about "no child left behind". Even the students that appear to be gang affiliated or really tough. She does not back down and expects each kid to give 100% if not more to their studies. She is a language arts teacher so she is heavy in encouraging the children to read and providing them books that will keep them interested. She reads all books first and purposely has reading moments in class where she is animated on what she is reading so the students will be interested as well. Ms Woods arrives at work by 8AM and tries to leave before 6PM every day. She barely takes time off because she knows that her students rely on her. Ms Woods became a teacher because her language arts teacher positively impacted her life. It's her way of paying it forward! She is doing a great job at it!

Do you have someone you know who deserves this special honor?  Let us know.

Join KWAV 96.9, and Graniterock in our search for the best teachers on the Central Coast.  Let us know who you think should be the Teacher of the Month for May.  Just fill out the nomination form below.  Nominations must be submitted by Friday, May 16th and the winner will be announced on May 20th.  The winning teacher will receive a plaque to display in their classroom along with a VISA Card.   Just make your nomination below.

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