The country's dominant coronavirus mutant contains a ghost of pandemic past

Researchers site lab data that suggests a prior infection with the original omicron variant is not very protective against reinfection with the new mutants. However, the true risk of being reinfected no matter the variant is unique to every person and situation. ... Continue Reading

Instacart: Baby formula searches surging as store shelves remain empty

Instacart plans to implement a purchase limit on baby formula to help more families get access to it. ... Continue Reading

Texas school gunman's final 90 minutes fuel questions about police delays

The attack was the latest grim moment for a country scarred by a string of massacres. ... Continue Reading

Warriors beat Mavericks 120-110 to return to NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors advanced to their sixth NBA Finals in the past eight seasons ... Continue Reading

President Biden will travel to Texas on Sunday to console families, honor victims

The White House said the president and first lady would "grieve with the community that lost 21 lives" to the shooting at Robb Elementary School. ... Continue Reading

New Study Finds That 1 in 5 Adults Who Have Had COVID-19 Develop Long COVID

A new CDC study found that one in five adult COVID-19 survivors has long COVID. Here's why, and what is actually considered long COVID. ... Continue Reading

Here's what we know about the victims of the Texas school shooting

We're learning more about the victims of Tuesday's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

... Continue Reading

FDA: Don't follow the TikTok hack about storing avocados in water bottles

The Food and Drug Administration is warning against a popular TikTok hack to preserve avocados. ... Continue Reading

Salinas animal shelter faces capacity crisis post-pandemic

Hitchcock Animal Services in Salinas is over capacity. Compared to last year, during the midst of the pandemic, the shelter has experienced a 27% increase in animal intake. The biggest surplus: big dogs. If things don't get better soon, the shelter may be forced to euthanize. ... Continue Reading

President Biden is considering canceling some student loan debt. Here are the pros and cons

Canceling student debt is a complicated issue. Here are the details under consideration. ... Continue Reading